dear someone who loves to assume

here i am wanted to tell you a brief story about a girl

i knew a girl, this girl who talks a lot, she is introverted kinda person but still no one can guess until she told them. she’s the first child in the family, which the child with big pressure and responsibilities. she’s a pisces, she doesn’t believe in zodiac tho, but she loves it, her shio was dragon, and her sign is water, her ruling planet is neptune, she is a bit cold sometimes.

she’s hard to get, no, it isn’t something like that. she’s hard to get because she tend to keep a safe distance from people, she has the high wall to keep her safe, she knows she is easy to feel so she pretend she’s hard to feel.

she’s so cheerful yet so sorrow. she’s a rainbow yet brings a storm.

she tries to end her life much times, someone help her, but now he’s gone.

she always remember a favor she receive, she loves every person who ever helped her, not to be dramatic but, “if i can sold my soul to pay you back, definitely i’ll do.” she said.

if one day you told her you love her, don’t believe to what she said if she’s responding right after. she makes it fast because she wants you to think that she’s pretty sure and clear.

of course she doesn’t that sure of what she feels.

she just make it sure for herself only, my advice is keep her company, grow something out of her.

she loves to think, people assume she’s a smart girl, the clever one, but unfortunately no, she just loves to think, to guessing, to analyze, in order to keep her mind on the ground.

she still have this hole in her heart and her mind. she’s a forever art and no one know when she will finish to become a masterpiece. she still have a moment where she wanted to die, but she deny, she needs to live.

to love.

she sometimes push people away, she barely ask for help, she stands alone, she’s capable of being whatever she wants to be.

people always think that way.

actually, she’s fragile. she’s weak and a coward.

she’s adore being strong so she becomes her own hero.

actually she needs help, she wants you to be there, she needs someone to talk to because her thought will keep on saying things she don’t understand.

she’s a lot more than what you can think of, she isn’t perfect as you dream of.

she’s someone else’s strength, but she’s her own weakness.

she is me.

its kind of personal i guess