Much of difference doesn’t mean cannot function properly, right?

I mean, it’s what makes us fit each other, you can’t use the key without keyhole.

I experienced the puppy love relationship for three years long back in the high school time. Everything’s so perfect and full of joy, full of certainty and the storm always passed gently. We’re quite same I can say, we have common interest in movies, if you let me being strange for a sec, our zodiac is match. We have the same love language and the way we cope with our problems is same, we shared the same traumas though, so this one is the greatest moment in my life, he seems know me so well and I can meet my needs with him.

Shit happened and we fight, we broke up in sophomore year but we ended up get back together. So relieved, right? Even my friend adore my relationship that much because we tend to keep it in private and less-drama. Things go easy until we graduated, he traveled abroad the city and I stuck, I failed the first year. And everything is collapsing, here comes the problem that we cannot control, because the chaos wasn’t inside ours, it’s external factor. We’re no longer boyfriend-girlfriend since we got back without any titles, we just can’t afford to lose each other. I’m fine with it though, but he’s not.

He’s not okay with the kind of unknown relationship status, and I asked him once what if someone ask you if you’re having a girlfriend? He said, he don’t. We never argue about major things like this since we have everything in common, I learned my lesson, I choose to give up and break the tie, because what’s the use? He doesn’t even see me, I have my point of view but he can’t at least accept it.

Time goes by, I heard he’s find the new one, while myself dying to get everything back on track. I finally passed the university test and get into college, I spent a year living myself alone, not thinking to find new person. Until my classmate romantically interested in me, and I find it hard to start a brand new, but I said it’s now or never.

Things fucked up, I’m pisces and he’s aries, water and the fire. I’m kidding but, seriously though we’re so different and have nothing in common, I love music, he don’t, I love movie, he don’t, I love to talk about things, he don’t , I love to sit and talk, he loves to strolling around city and listen, our love language is so different as well. I find it hard to see our middle ground, how do we work things out, the only thing we share the same probably just the feeling between us.

Thank God, we last for 22 months anyway, and still happening, he learnt and so do I, even it is fucking hard. The difference between us taught me something though, this is my first time to date someone with much of dissimiliar things, and it told me to being open and you need to disagree about things sometimes without emphasizing it, I don’t like a few of his point of view but it’s fine, he sometimes hates me for being sarcastic and rude as well, but we got along with it. I’ve tasted how it feels to live without much different, but this time is full of differences. We have to agree to disagree, he’s his own person and so do I, we have our opposite culture and both of them is still valuable, we’re unique and you can’t always agree about each other and it’s fine.

December 13rd is our second anniversary, he never asked me for being his girlfriend in the first place, so we picked the date randomly, we have this unknown relationship status, which he’s fine, and I’m glad he’s fine, and still validates me as his one.