the story that easy to digest

i never told anyone, or do i? i mean not exactly sit and talk about my depression, anxiety, and all the list i’m in.

back in the 2017, i experienced this strange physical symptoms, like hard to breath, cold sweating, zoned out, heart beats…

in indonesia, enjoy.

gue selalu punya sesuatu untuk diceritakan, kali ini gue punya opini sendiri (pastinya bias, don’t take it personally) tentang platform LinkedIn.

kamu pernah capek nggak, sih?

terkenal sebagai platform untuk cari kerja, pamer pencapaian, segala sesuatu yang baik dalam karir seseorang, i mean its good, gue pun termotivasi ketika melihat seseorang berhasil…

you all probably know the story but let me explain it further

you finaly reach the middle of a century, happy birthday.

for as long as i remember, i never really look at you as the person who i adore. i always look up to someone else instead, ended up…

Not every problems need to be fixed

I was born with the gut to stay and settle when thing is okay, and i have this urge to fix everything as long as i can, I’m hard to beat, barely easily giving up kind of person. I can’t just go around…

Feu de Fleurs

its kind of personal i guess

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